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Miracle The Cat Was Trapped And Running Out of Time, Until This ER Doctor Arrived

This curious stray cat was on her way into the spinning doors of a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey when a man leaving the building spun the door and trapped her by the neck.

By the time they noticed her, she was quickly running out of oxygen and time. Halil Akyürek, a doctor in the ER came rushing to her rescue.

He was able to remove her from the door, but her lifeless body lay limp in his hands. Immediately, he and others began CPR, massaging her heart and giving oxygen to help her breathe.

After several tense moments, the lucky feline came back to life - but only as long as the doctors massaged her heart. The doctors rushed the kitten into the emergency room and called a vet friend. The vet suggested some drugs that the cat could take and coached them through a feline-friendly version of CPR.

The lucky kitten survived and was adopted by her rescuer. After a thorough vet-check, she was fittingly named Miracle. "Cat friends (must) also (be) embraced, helped" said Dr. Akyürek. The grateful cat makes sure to stay close by his side, snuggling close and waking him when morning comes.

Watch the dramatic rescue below!

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