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Misdiagnosis Left Young Teacher Bleeding To Death Internally

24-year-old April Heath went to the doctor, assuming she had caught the flu from one of her students. Being a student teacher, she is exposed to germs all day and figured it was just came with the territory.

The doctor told Heath she was likely just stressed. This, coupled with what he believed was an inner ear infection, was causing her to feel flu-like. Heath accepted the diagnosis and went home. She was sent with home with beta blockers for her stress.

Two weeks later, Heath's boyfriend noticed she was showing no signs of improvement. In fact, she was looking worse. He took April to his family doctor where they quickly discovered she was suffering from more than stress and an ear infection.

The family doctor admitted her to the hospital, after tests showed she was severely anemic with a dangerously low blood count. April Heath had only 4 units of blood in her body, when the average body in supposed to have between 10 and 12.

Doctors eventually discovered a tumor in Heath's stomach that had burst meaning she was slowly bleeding to death. After several blood transfusions, she was operated on . Because the nature of Heath's tumor was unknown, doctors removed it along with multiple lymph nodes in a six-hour operation.

Thankfully, April Heath's tumor was not cancerous. Her condition was so rare, only four other people in the world have suffered from the same thing. Miss Heath is fine and resting at home now, waiting patiently for her recovery to be done with so she can get back to her normal life.

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