Miss Universe Contestants with No Make-Up On

Beauty pageants have been around for ages. They may be fun to watch, but they often provide unrealistic expectations of beauty. With all the makeup, expensive clothing, fake tans, etc., it can be confusing to young women as to what they are "supposed" to look like.

Some of the Miss Universe contestants wanted to shatter the 'reality' behind these pageants. They've taken to social media to post pictures of themselves make-up free and it's pretty great!

1. Australian contestant, Monica Radulovic

2. German contestant, Pia Alonzo

3. Ireland Contestant, Joanna Cooper

4. Ghana contestant, Hilda Akua

5. Argentina model, Claudia Barrioneuvo

6. Dominican Republic contestant, Clarissa Molina.

7. Bahamas contestant, Toria Nichole

8. Philippines contestant, Ariadna Gutierrez

9. Indonesian contestant, Anindya Kusuma Putri

10. Peru contestant, Laura Spoya

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