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MLB Star Donates His Multi-Million-Dollar Home To Support Kids With Special Needs

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With the season of giving upon us and everyone doing their best to spread holiday cheer around the world, it becomes all the more important that we do our best to help those less fortunate than us. Whether it's by volunteering at shelters, donating money to charitable causes, or even just lending a helping hand to our neighbors, we can all do our utmost to make sure that everybody has as great a holiday season as possible.


Among those who are well-poised to help out are professional athletes. Of the people of the world who have plenty to give, these people who make millions of dollars per game based on their contracts are often some of the most generous, and plenty of examples already exist of their charitable natures and how dedicated they are to making the world a better place for the less fortunate.

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Well, the most recent example of this phenomenon might just put many others to shame: Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife have donated their entire, $9 million house to a charitable cause, and the reasons why are nothing short of heartwarming.

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