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Give Everyday Items A Makeover With These 10 Easy Mod Podge Projects

The magical tool that crafters need is simple: Mod Podge. The clear drying sealant is cheap, easy to find, and super versatile. There is a lot you can do with it and a lot of situations where it is incredibly useful.

There are countless crafts you can make with Mod Podge so here 10 of the best tutorials we could find.

Yarn garland

You can make really cool looking yarn balls using modpodge and a balloon. The tutorial can be found here. Try customizing the yarn for each season!

Photo Coasters

Take some pictures for who ever you need a gift for, and then attach them with modpodge. The modcloth will make the images waterproof and you will be able to have family photos all over the house. Tutorial here.

PVC Pipe vase

Turn a plain old pipe into a pretty vase. Use pictures of your family or you could even attach pictures of flowers or really anything you could print out! Tutorial here.

Glitter anything you want!

Add a glittery touch to just about anything you can think of with this tutorial.

Make a collage

Using any images you want you can shape them out to make a larger picture.

Make your own super hero shoes

This awesome tutorial shows you how to turn some napkins and plain shoes into some awesome personalized superhero shoes.

Make A wood palette frame

This tutorial will show you how to make a cool wooden board to transfer images on. Tutorial here.

Make a pretty doily lamp

Very delicate and vintage inspired.

Design your own DIY sunglasses

For those people who want truly unique sunglasses. Tutorial here.

Upgrade your bookshelf

Take any bookshelf to the next level with a bit of fabric and mod podge. Tutorial here.

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