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This New Zealand Model Is An Award Winning, Binge Eating Beauty

When we think of models, we usually imagine calorie-counting, lettuce eating weightless waifs. But New Zealand's Nela Zisser smashes these and many other ideas we might have had about model behavior and eating habits.

She can demolish a 10,782 calorie breakfast in less time it takes to cook it. She told People earlier this year that she got into competitive eating by chance. She entered late into a pizza eating competition and wone it - beating 19 grown men.  

On August 8, she devoured about 5 pounds worth of burger and fries in 8:02 at Big J's Takeaways in Aukland, New Zealand.

Incredible! I wouldn't be able to eat for days after a meal like this.

This former Miss Earth New Zealand can eat six burritos in 12 minutes, 22 Big Macs in less than an hour and a fried breakfast including 20 large eggs, a kilogram of bacon, six sausages, four muffins, mushrooms and tomato chutney, in 42 minutes.

Seriously?! Her parents grocery bill must have been HUGE!

Two weeks ago, she travelled to Houston, Texas, where she won sixth place in the women's competition of Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest.

Her secret to packing it all in? Stretching her stomach the day before. In an interview on The Morning Show in Australia, Zisser says that she eats as much as possible the day before to streatch her stomach in preparation. "Basically you just need to eat enough the day before to kind of get your stomach stretched, and then you just go into it with a good technique and hope you win," she said.

When she's not competing, she says that her diet is pretty balanced and she practices moderation.

Fans can follow Nela's eating escapades on Facebook and Instagram.

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