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All Parents Take Caution: A Mistake With A Seatbelt Almost Cost This Mom Her Daughter's Life

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One mom is delivering a terrifying warning after her six-year-old daughter was almost killed during a minor accident, all because of her seatbelt.

Shelly Martin says her daughter, Samantha Swartwout, was returning home with her father when the car swerved and hit a tree. While under normal circumstances Samantha's injuries would have been minimal, she was wearing her seatbelt wrong and it caused life-threatening injuries. The seatbelt had sliced through her abdomen, exposing her intestines.

But what went wrong? How did this happen?

Shelly says her daughter had appeared to grow out of her booster seat so she no longer used it in the car.

"A lot of people seem to think that when the children don't fit so easily in the booster, that it's OK to take them out of the booster. That's not the case," Martin explained.

Continue reading to see what her injuries were, and how they could have been prevented.

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