Mom And Her Son Took A Brave Stand Against Anti-Homeless Spikes

We could all learn something from Jennie Platt, a mother of two young boys from Manchester, who took a stand for the homeless in her city.

She read in her local paper on Saturday that a nearby building had put anti-homeless spikes on their property. These spikes are designed to keep homeless people from sitting near buildings. In this case, they had been put underneath a ledge, where they might sit to keep out of the rain.

By Sunday morning Platt said she had a "bee in her bonnet," so she decided to do something.

The spikes.

Later that day, Platt picked up her sons George, 11, and Sam, 10, along with a few of their friends, and took them to a store. They bought pillows, blankets, sandwiches and snacks, spreading them over the spikes so people could safely sit there again.

"The building owners are treating human beings like pigeons," Platt told the BBC. "This is not the Mancunian thing, it's not how we treat people."

Platt said a few homeless people noticed what they were doing, and said they would come back later to sit down there. She didn't expect her pillows would stay there forever, but she thought it was important to send a message.

"I know they won't last and I knew they'll get wet, but the people who manage that building need to know how to treat people."

In fact, the pillows only stayed there for the rest of the day. By Sunday night, the building's owners had the spikes removed! Apparently they'd put them there without consulting any of the businesses inside, so all it took was one brave person to stand up and they were quickly removed.

It's nice to know there are still some caring people in the world!

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