Mom Begs Others Not To Wear Their Babies While Cooking For This Scary Reason

When you're a mom, you've got a lot of things to juggle at once. With a new baby always needing your attention, it can be hard to actually get things done.

For most moms, using a baby carrier to hold your baby is a great hands-free way to get some stuff done around the house.

But Molly Landis, a busy mom, she's warning other parents to not cook with a baby strapped to you. It could cause some serious injuries.

Landis normally straps her 4-week-old baby to her chest while she does meal prep. She's lucky she didn't this time, because it could have been deadly.

Read Molly Landis' post and see why she's cautioning other moms about this danger.

Molly's stove burner exploded and shot a fireball at her. She suffered burns and open wounds to her face and chest. The scariest part? It hit RIGHT where her baby normally sits. But luckily for Molly, her new baby had fallen asleep in her swing so Molly left her.

Do you do this all the time? Most moms will admit they cook with their baby. Share this to warn others of the dangers!

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