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Mom Completely Shocked When Her 4-Year-Old Son Leaves School With No One Noticing

Karalee Linklater is demanding an apology from her son's school after he left school and walked home without anyone noticing.

Linklater's 4-year-old son, Kasey, walked almost a mile by himself from school. Linklater said she dropped him off that morning and then went to run errands. When she got home, she heard a noise coming from her back door: it was Kasey.

"He was really hot. He was sweating. I was like 'oh my god my boy what happened what happened?' He said 'the teacher was gone the teacher was gone,' " Linklater said.

The worried mom looked around to see if there was anyone with him, there wasn't. When her aunt called the school to ask what was going on, they said, "We just found out some kid just ran away from school and we don't know who it is yet. We'll get back to (you)."

4-year-old Kasey says he left school because other kids were being mean to him and there was no teacher around. Linklater is extremely concerned as to how Kasey was able to leave school with no one noticing, and no one informing her he had gone missing from class.

"He could have got lost. Or abducted. Or hit by a vehicle. Anything. Anything could have happened to my boy," she said. Kasey had to cross through two busy intersections in order to get home. His mom is currently holding him out of school because she feels unsafe sending him back after the incident.

Karalee Linklater and her family have a meeting with the school's principal next week to discuss what happened. A representative for the school board said in a statement: ""We develop a safety plan./School safety plan is the response - one responsive to the specific situation."

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