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Her Son Never Had A Friend Until He Showed Up

Having friends, especially as a child, is an important part of life. Friends can shape you, guide you, and give you a shoulder to cry on.

But for children who have autism, sometimes making friends can be a challenge.

Shannon Niehaus has a five-year-old with autism. He has struggled to make friends and never really had someone he can consider a buddy. Niehaus says she has spent many painful nights crying because her son is also crying, asking when he has no friends. The young boy is doing therapies and trying his hardest to make a connection, but has never been successful.

But now, Niehaus is crying for a different reason. Her son finally found a friend...a four-legged friend to be exact! Meet Tornado: her son's new therapy dog.

Her words are incredibly powerful, explaining just how hard she has worked with her son for him to find a friend.

Goosebumps. It's amazing the power that animals can have over us humans. We may not even realize it, but our pets and our service animals are some of our closest friends.

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