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Mom Does A Stunning Maternity Shoot After Suffering Through Six Miscarriages

Jessica Mahoney has suffered a lot of pain in terms of pregnancy. She has been through six miscarriages in her young life, but Mahoney has not let his hold her back.

Recently, Jessica found out she is expecting her second child and wanted to do a maternity shoot. Her husband Kevin decided he wanted to do something special for her. He got in touch with photographer JoAnn Marrero and things fell into place.

Marrero spoke with the couple about what the vision of the shoot was going to be. Both Jessica and Kevin expressed they wanted to do a rainbow inspired maternity shoot to represent their rainbow baby: a baby born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.

JoAnn Marrero enlisted the help of fellow photographer Mary Maloney to create their own rainbow smoke bombs as the backdrop of the shoot. Jessica, Kevin, and their son Corbin all attended the shoot, where Jessica stood with composure all day, despite the amount of smoke and rainbow coloring everywhere.

The photos turned out absolutely stunning. They were posted on the Facebook page "Birth Without Fear", a place for mothers to go and share their birth stories without fear of being judged or mocked. The photos brought an onslaught of positive replies, including women thanking Jessica for sharing her story.

"We are thrilled about it," said Jessica. "The responses have been overwhelmingly beautiful; so many have shared their love, support and personal stories with us."

Take a look at the incredible finished product. What a brave, emotional photo.

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