Mom Has Renamed Her Baby Three Times, And Dad Is Getting Cranky

Choosing a name for your baby can often lead to stress in a relationship.

Nothing worth getting REALLY mad about, of course. But there can often be tension.

Once you find that perfect name though? Wow. Such a great feeling to have a name for the miracle that will be joining you so soon.

For this poor guy on Reddit, however, his wife changed her mind about the baby name a couple months in...and then changed it again a few months after that.

This was his original post:

"We decided on A after nine months of deliberation. A is born and everything is roses. At the three month mark, my wife says she feels weird about the name. It's too common, it doesn't feel right, it seems like the wrong name. So I ask her what she would prefer and she says B sounds more ''right' to her. Now at the 18 month mark, she thinks C sounds better. Say we do start calling her C. What's to say she won't tire of it and move onto D?"

So the big question this dad has: does he let his wife keep changing the baby's name? Or does he put his foot down to stop the pattern?

To no one's surprise, everyone said he needs to put his foot down. People are pretty adamant that if they keep changing the baby's name, it's just going to cause confusion. The wife should pick a name and stick to it.

So what do you think? Who's in the right? The mom who just wants the perfect name, or the dad who says enough is enough? Let us know!

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