Mom Issues Warning After Toddler Almost "Strangled" By Her Pajamas

Katie Price is feeling very lucky that her daughter is alive after almost being strangled by her pajamas.

Price put her three-year-old daughter, Sophie, to bed in a zip-up onesie last week. It was the first time Sophie had slept in a onesie, but the weather was very cold and Price thought it would be a good way for her to keep warm.

However, the night almost turned deadly when Sophie moved up in bed, shimmying the onesie down in the back. The front tightened around her neck and started choking her.

Sophie couldn't get the zipper down herself, but she couldn't cry for help since her airway was blocked. Luckily, Katie Price was nearby and managed to help Sophie before it was too late.

Price took to Facebook to share her experience and warn other moms.

Katie Price's daughter, Sophie

Maryanne Taylor, from The Sleep Works, says parents should avoid putting their children in loose pajamas to "avoid rising over the head or blocking the airways."

"The best nightwear would be vest, snug fitting pjs and sleeping bag or duvet with cotton duvet cover for older children," Taylor says. "It is always best to avoid front zips on any nightwear and if using sleeping bag make sure the zip is at the side rather than front."

Katie Price is lucky she was close to Sophie when this all happened, but she wants other parents to take caution when dressing their children for bed time.

"Who would have thought a simple onesie could almost kill a child?"

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