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Generous Mom Makes An Extra Lunch Every Day For A Boy At School Who Didn't Have One

"Mama can you make me two lunches today?" A little boy asked this question to his mother and she thought he was just still hungry. She quickly found out that he wanted to bring a lunch to a boy at school who he had noticed was only eating a fruit cup every day.

Since the start of the school year Josette Duran started preparing a second lunch that her son would give it to the young boy and when the principal found out he called her into his office.

The mother of the young boy had found out about the school lunches and wanted to meet with the woman who had been feeding her son. She explained that she had recently lost her job and they were having a hard time affording food. She tried to repay Duran but she would not accept it.

"I know this isn't much, but I just got a job and I know you've been feeding my son,'" - The mother of the boy said to Josette Duran after finding out she was making him lunch.

Duran had also started raising money for the boy but when he no longer needed it they used the money to pay all the student accounts so they were up to date.

"We paid up all the past due accounts for all the kids that need lunch, right? So now no one in that school owes any lunch money to anybody, and everybody can eat," - Josette Duran

Her generosity is heart-warming. She understands first hand that sometimes people face hard times. Just a few years ago she was living in her car with her son having no money to afford housing or food. Duran is happy to help the young boy who she said once told her the following:

"I have friends, and I'm doing better in school, and you have a great son and he's my best friend,"

Watch the emotional video below to see how one person's decision to help can make a world of difference for a family.

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