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Mom Posts A Powerful Message About Dad's New Girlfriend

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Even though a marriage starts with the best intentions, not every couple gets their happily ever after. Whether it's growing apart, a life-altering event that divides you, or just differences in opinion and can't seem to work it out in day to day life, divorce unfortunately is common in the United States.

The divorce rate among Americans over the last few decades hovers around a staggering 50% according to census data. Between 2006 and 2010 the probability of a first marriage lasting at least a decade was 68% for women and 70% for men.

With the large divorce rate, the living situation of our children can change drastically.

While we may have heard horror stories of broken families with kids being shuffled from one feuding parent's house to the other, it's not always the case.

This amazing story from a divorced mom who has found a positive way to deal with dad's new girlfriend will make you think differently about dating after divorce.

Brittney Johnson, a 27-year-old single mom from Columbia, Missouri didn't get the happy ending that she was hoping for. While her marriage to her husband may have ended, it wasn't without their sweet daughter Payton there to represent the years they were together.

Recently Brittney posted on her Facebook page giving a shout out to someone in her daughter's life, you wouldn't expect- daddy's new girlfriend Kayla.

She starts by asking the question anyone who co-parents their children may wonder themselves:

"To all of the mothers out there who throw a fit when another woman treats your child as her own: why isn't that exactly what you want?"

That was loaded for sure! But she is right.

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