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Mom Says It's Time To Stop Buying "Pink Toys" Once And For All

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For many women, getting their first baby doll was a cherished part of their childhood. But one mother says these "mommy toys" are outdated, and it's time to stop buying them.

In a post on Honey called "Why I hate this toy range and you should too," Dilvin Yasa focuses on a new line of toys called Play Like Mum, which feature doll-sized strollers marketed to little girls.

Play Like Mum's Princess Dolls PramSilver Cross

According to Play Like Mum, their aim is to help children "play like mum," and their website says they "believe that real life play offers huge benefits to little ones," but Yasa's not buying it.

Yasa with her daughters Cella and Ivy.Daily Telegraph

The mother-of-two argues that "mommy toys" like baby dolls, fashion dolls, strollers and kitchen play-sets are outdated, and reinforce "archaic gender stereotypes." She says it's time for "gender segregation" in the toy department - blue for boys, pink for girls - to end once and for all.

Stores like Target have already started to move "girls' toys" and "boys' toys" together. SheKnows

While parents who like these more traditional girls' toys may disagree, Yasa warns the playthings can have a very serious effect on young girls.

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