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Mom Sees Son With Phone That Isn't His, So She Turns Him In To The Police

Mother knows best. ALWAYS.

Lakesha Robinson was at a parent-teacher interview with her son, Chris Salter, when she noticed he was using a cell phone she had never seen before.

The 15-year-old told his mom that 'a friend' gave it to him, but she knew better than that.

After some pressing, Robinson found out that her son had stolen the phone from inside a man's truck. He had also taken the man's wallet.

"I said, 'Call the police, do whatever you have to do. Because if my son is involved, or anybody else, they're going to jail, because he shouldn't be out there doing this," Robinson told Inside Edition.

Robinson knew that Chris would get in trouble, but she also knew she couldn't let her son's behavior go without consequence.

Check out this segment from Lakesha Robinson on why she chose to turn her son in.

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