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Mom's Great Life Lesson Using Toothpaste Goes Viral

It can be really tough getting through to kids today. Blame it on what you want, technology, media, whatever. The fact is it's becoming a challenge to teach lessons that will stick.

But this mom in Tennessee figured out how to do it. Amy Gardner asked her daughter, Breonna, to empty a full tube of toothpaste onto a plate. Breonno obliged. Once she was done, Amy asked her to put all the toothpaste back in the tube. Breonna was horrified, yelling things like "But I can't! It won't be like it was before!"

Amy explained to her daughter that this is what it's like when you bully someone. You can hurt, demean, and slander others with your words. But apologizing won't completely fix the problem. You can't take the words back. You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Check out Amy's full post on Facebook. It was over 650k shares and is really helping to teach a valuable lesson.

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