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Mom With 'Zombie' Sores On Face And Body Stumps Doctors

When Missy discovered a cyst on her cheek, near to her jaw, she decided to have it removed. But after the surgery, something went terribly wrong.

Rather than heal, the skin on her face began to form sores that spread quickly across her body. Whenever Missy left the house, she was stared at and felt humiliated. Eventually, she decided not to ever go out again.

She met with 30 doctors, but no one could explain what was happening to her. None of the prescriptions she received worked and pus continued to pour from her sores.

Just as she had given up hope, the experts at The Doctors figured out what was happening. Missy had a very rare condition called pyodermic gangrenosum that had been triggered after her surgery. Although the treatment is expensive, the team was able to perscribe her the injections free of charge!

Hopefully this treatment works and she can get back to living her life to the fullest!

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