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This Inspiring Australian Mom Shares Her Post-Baby Body Pride

In the battle for positive body image, Heather White is a champion for the post-baby body. The Instagram post of her near-nude post baby body already has over 2,000 likes. White's image stands out as refreshingly real in a sea of photoshopped and filtered photos of pregnancy before and afters.

It is already hard enough to fit the constant changes of our own bodies into the limiting confines of what society calls beautiful. We can all agree that the standards we set for ourselves and others are anything but realistic. This is especially true for the post-baby body. Women are expected to have a vice-like grip on their figures and to sculpt their bodies back into their former shape almost instantly after birth.

White is honest and frank about her body, "Puffy face, droopy milk filled boobs, wider hips and belly full of stretch marks!! That's my post baby reality, no 'bouncing back' here!" she writes, "and you know what? I couldn't give a sh*t!"

Besides being a proud wife and mother of two girls, White has a degree in Professional Communications and publishes her own lifestyle and motherhood blog, House of White. On her website, she speaks openly about the less glamorous parts of motherhood and marriage. Like many of us, she still has moments of insecurity. But it is how she handles these moments with humor and sass that has us all cheering for her.

"... sure, some days I wish it didn't jiggle so much and was a bit 'firmer' but then I just remember the awesome s*it it's done and cut myself some slack and go eat a cheeseburger, because we earned it." Amen, mama!


           Instagram photo by ✖️ OLIVIA WHITE ✖️ • Jul 27, 2016 at 10:38am UTC


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