Mom's Superhuman Act Saves Baby, Requires Huge Sacrifice

Jennifer Duncan was driving with her 8-month-old son, Daniel when she was involved in a fender bender atop a busy bridge in Waco, Texas.

She took her son out of the car and waited for first responders, a safe distance away from the accident. As she stood with Daniel in her arms, an approaching vehicle crashed into another vehicle at the side of the bridge.

Jennifer and Daniel before the fallJennifer's Miracle/GoFundMe

The parked car was hit with so much force, that it launched into Jennifer and her baby. The impact threw them from the bridge, where they plummeted 30 feet into the asphalt below.

As she fell, Jennifer wrapped herself around little Daniel and shielded him from the impact.

Jennifer suffered major injuries, but her sacrifice saved her son's life.Jennifer's Miracle/GoFundMe

In that moment, instinct and love took over. Miraculously, little Daniel experienced no serious injuries. However, Jennifer paid a high price for her personal sacrifice.

Her left leg was severed below the knee, her pelvis was shattered and she sustained serious internal injuries. It is incredible that she is alive after such a fall!

Jennifer recovering in the hospital with little Daniel.Jennifer's Miracle/GoFundMe

Jennifer suffered broken ribs, a shattered pelvis and her left leg was broken so badly that it had to be amputated. She spent two months in the hospital, followed by one month in rehab.

In response to the incredible cost of her medical bills and recovery, a Gofundme account has been set up to assist with the financial burden.

In spite of the incredible physical and emotional hurdles she has yet to face, Jennifer is motivated to overcome them all.

"I don't give up because I know he's looking at me to be his role model," she told KCTV5. "I just try to keep moving forward and living each day as if we're still blessed the same way we were seven months ago."

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