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16 Moms Who Are Complete Savages (But In The Best Possible Way)

Moms have a lot to deal with these days.

Kids have somehow been given the notion that they get a free ride. No chores, no responsibilities, no expectations for them.

That's certainly not the case. Moms have had to step-up their game in terms of putting their foot down (pun not intended but definitely appreciated).

These moms have taken it to the complete next level for both punishment and just not taking any crap.

See if you can take some ideas from these clever moms. They're pretty effective.

1. This mom, who always follows through.


           Instagram photo by Kristin Smith • Aug 29, 2016 at 7:02am UTC


2. This mom, who thinks if you're at a party, then enjoy the party.

3. This mom, who has no qualms using imaginary handcuffs.

4. This mom, who's not afraid to throw toys in the slammer.

5. This mom, who believes in working for your money

6. This mom, who is not about to have lumps on the couch for the entire holidays

7. This mom, who is taking inspiration from The Simpsons

8. This mom, who DEFINES savage.

9. This mom, who doesn't believe her kids can just "not turn on the TV", so she took it to the next level

10.  This mom, who pulled out the rule book.

11. This mom, who left a minefield in front of her daughter's room.

12. This mom, who is taking it upon herself to savage other peoples' kids too.

13. This mom, who doesn't believe in letting kids win JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE KIDS.

14. This mom, who is not running a personalized kitchen service.

15. This mom, who isn't about to let her kids ruin her hard work, but also hopes they had a good night.

16. And this mom, who holds the key to her children's happiness. And that key is in a box of Triscuits.

Have you ever done something similar to this? Let us know in the comments!

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