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Moms, Your Kids Have You To Thank For Their Intelligence, Science Says

Mom's you've got one more thing to brag about - you always knew your kids were brilliant, now science says that you can take all the credit!

Psychology Spot published new research that says children are born with conditioned genes that work differently depending on which parent they're from. When it comes to your intelligence, those genes come from mom!

Intelligence genes are found on the X chromosome, since women carry two, children are twice as likely to get their smarts from their mother. The study explains that even if dad passes some of intelligence genes to you through his single X chromosome, they won't activate. The intelligence genes only work if they come from your mother.

So, what if dad's a genius? Well, his brilliance might not be active in you, but if you are a female, and you carry the inactive intelligence genes from his X chromosome, odds are you could pass those on to your own children.

In 1994, The Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in the United States did a study on mothers - interviewing 12,686 youth between 14 and 22 years old. Among the questions asked were IQ, race, education and socio-economic status. They discovered that the best predictor of intelligence was the mother's IQ.

Psychology spot reminds readers that high IQ is nothing without stimulation, the best way to encourage your child's developing genius is to nourish it with new challenges. So dads, don't be discouraged, you might not be genetically responsible for their brilliance, but you can nurture those kidlets into independent, smart thinkers.

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