Monkey Wearing Diaper Attacks Walmart Employee

Lancaster, Ohio just got a little more interesting. A video surfaced on Facebook showing an employee of the retail giant being attacked by a monkey wearing a diaper. The guy is just trying to corral the carts in the parking lot when this monkey just starts grabbing at him while perched on the cart station. The monkey is screeching through the whole things, which honestly would have been enough for me to get the hell outta Dodge.  

The man in the video just seems kind of shocked though. I don't think he totally knows what to do with himself. Can you blame him? It's a monkey in a diaper unsupervised. That's not an every day sight. The employee starts pushing back at some point, which is when a blonde lady comes over and grabs the monkey by the wrist. Presumably, it's her monkey.

Perhaps the craziest part of all this, is that Monkey Mom does even apologize to the worker. Instead, she gets mad at HIM. You can hear her yelling, "Let him go! Let him go! If he bites you they'll put him down!" She walks the monkey away by the wrist, still not apologizing for her mammal's obscene behavior. The guy doesn't seem too broken up about it. But he's probably still processing the whole situation.

You have to watch the whole video. At the end, the man filming the video tells the victim, "Man you could have gotten hurt!" Right. Like he didn't already know that.

Check it out.

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