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Her Dying Mom's Last Lesson Changed This Woman's Life.

At a time when Mary Latham could think of nothing but tragedy and the hopelessness she felt, her mother gave her some life-changing advice:

"Focus on the good."

A simple mantra, but it is one that has sustained the Latham family and redirected the course of Mary's life.  Just months after learning that her mother's cancer had returned, Mary and a friend launched the GrAttitude project - an uplifting Facebook page full of positive stories submitted by readers.

Mary Latham and her mother, Pat Latham

The page was more successful than either women planned and soon messages of heartwarming experiences were pouring in.

These beautiful stories of hope and love were the very things that buoyed Mary and her family through the crushing reality of her mother's health. Doctors gave Pat Latham just days to live, weeks if she was lucky.

Days later, Mary's mother died on March 1, 2013.

As she grieved, she read and posted the stories of hope and random acts of kindness. These small glimmers of love in action inspired Mary to do something more.

That's when she decided to leave her Orient, New York home and travel across America in search of more good.

She started the website,, where she will post all of the good she encounters along her journey.  

The stories and pictures will be made into a beautiful book that will be donated to hospital waiting rooms across America. It was inspired by her own experience, in a room very much like this, of the heartbreaking moment when her mother was given just days to live

On October, 29, she packed up her mother's 2008 Subaru and boarded a ferry for New London, Conneticut.

Offers of hospitality and help have already flooded her inbox, Mary will have a place to stay in every state as she collects inspiring stories. Supporters can also contribute emergency car funds to her gofundme account too.

As Mary drives off on her adventure, she reminds us all of another very important truth:  All you need is hope.

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