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Most Popular Baby Name Of Over 100 Years Has Been Revealed

Choosing a baby name is a hard job.

There's so many trends, faux-pas, and creative ideas to keep in mind, that it can become overwhelming.

But there's been one name that's stayed consistent over the past hundred years. In the world of Apples, Pilot Inspektors, Norths, Saints, and countless others, this one name has stayed at the top of the baby name list for ages.

Any guesses? We'll give you a hint. It's a boy's name.

Another hint: it's a very ROYAL name.

The name William has been the most popular baby name for the last 100 years! Taking data from census' in 1911, 1939, and 2015, the name William appeared on each list of the most popular baby names. It's a classic, masculine, strong name that has stood the test of time.

Do you know anyone named William? Share this with them to let them know how popular their name is!

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