Top 10 Dreams Explained. What are your dreams telling you?

We all know dreams are from our sub-conscience. But to say we completely understand what every dream means is a lie. Sure, it may make a bit of sense, but what are your dreams actually telling you?

Sometimes we can overthink our dreams and what they mean. No, your dream about marrying Brad Pitt doesn't actually mean you're going to. Sorry.

We put together some of the most popular dream themes and did a little research as to what they mean. I've gotta say, it's nice knowing other people dream about their teeth falling out. I was getting a little worried!

1. Money

If you dream about finding money that isn't yours, it could mean you are feeling guilty about taking credit for something that isn't yours, according to Kelly Sullivan Walden, founder of Dream-Life Coach Training. But, if you dream of finding money on the street or something, it could represent a renewed sense of self-appreciation and self-worth!

2. Teeth Falling Out

It's not a pleasant dream, but many people have experienced dreaming about their teeth falling out. There are a lot of interpretations to this one, but the most common one is representing a sense of powerlessness. Because teeth are used to bite, tear, and chew, they are seen as a symbol of power. Teeth falling out can also represent money, referencing the tooth fairy!  Some cultures see this differently, though. The Chinese have a saying that teeth falling our represents lies you're telling to others.

3. Celebrity

Seeing a celebrity in your dream could represent your high aspirations you have in life. It's also important to note what that celebrity is known for. For example, Angelina Jolie is know for her philanthropic lifestyle, so it could be urging you to explore that as a new passion. Alternately, being friends with a celebrity in your dream could signify your low-self esteem and self-confidence. If you dream of being a celebrity yourself, it could mean you need reaffirmation and acknowledgement in your life. Being intimate with a celebrity in a dream can signify your drive to be successful...or it could just mean you think about them too much.

4. Work

Dream expert Lauri Quinn Loewenberg says dreaming about being late for work or missing a deadline can mean you feel as though you're missing out on a career opportunity elsewhere. If you've ever dreamed about being naked at work, it could mean you feel vulnerable and exposed at work, as well as worried about how other people perceive you.

5. Marriage

Dreams about marriage are actually fairly straight forward. It may not mean you want to marry that person, but it can signify you're ready for a commitment with someone or ready to start a new beginning. It can also represent the pull of commitments and responsibilities. Marriage dreams can also mean you feel on the spot or the center of attention in real life. Dreaming of marrying a best friend or someone you know can often signify deeper feelings you may have for that person.

6. Babies

Dreaming of babies could represent an aspect of yourself that is still immature and developing. It could also signify a side of you that feels neglected and needs nurturing. Babies in dreams can also signify someone around you acting childish, including yourself. Our bodies are also very intuitive, so dreaming about a baby could be your body's way of letting you know you're pregnant. Congrats!

7. Flying

To dream you are flying can often mean you have achieved a recent goal and are feeling a sense of freedom. It can also represent you are reaching new heights in your career or personal life and are feeling in control. Flying can also suggest you need to look at things from the big-picture frame of mind.

8. Sex

It happens, okay? Dreaming about sex doesn't mean you're necessarily thinking about doing the dirty. It can often mean you're thinking about basic pleasure seeking in your life. It also helps if you look at the qualities of your partner in the dream. Sex dreams usually signify your desire to merge new aspects into your life, such as those in the person you're with in the dream.

9. Flirting

We've all been there, having dreams about flirting either with friends or strangers. This is is pretty straightforward. Flirting dreams represents your need for intimacy and affection. It could also signify an impending serious relationship.

10. Falling

Probably the most popular dream theme out there, falling represents a big red flag. Whether it's in your personal, financial, or professional life, falling tells you something is going rapidly in the wrong direction and needs to be fixed soon. People who suffer from depression are more likely to have dreams about falling. It can also signify just being overwhelmed about life in general.

Have you had any of these dreams before? Let us know in the comments!

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