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11-Year-Old Girl Helps Police Free Her Mother From A Hostage Situation

After being confined to a trailer for a couple of weeks, a Louisiana mother had a plan to get out of the situation. The woman wrote a note on a piece of notebook paper and gave it to her daughter when she went to school. The mother was being held captive in the trailer by a man named Donald Ray Guy and two of his relatives.

The 11-year-old daughter saved the day after delivering the mother's note to officials when she arrived at her middle school.

The student successfully delivered the note and advised police of the situation in the trailer. The note has not been released, but the sheriff explained that it said that she couldn't leave or use the phone and she needed help to get out of the situation. With help from the child, they were able to identify the potential suspect as Donald Ray Guy, a man known to the police for fleeing from arrest before.

They arrived at the trailer with a a full chase team and a K-9 unit in case he tried to run. Armed with a warrant, Sheriff Jeff Travis entered the home and found two of Guy's relatives in the home with the mother, with Guy hiding in a closet. The police had three outstanding warrants for Guy so he has been taken to jail.

The mother and daughter have been reunited thanks to their clever thinking and the quick response of the Sheriff's Department.

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