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Mother Cat Loses All Her Kittens, But The Universe Finds A Way To Make It Right

Mickey the cat was pregnant when she was dropped off at the animal shelter and became gravely ill after delivering her kittens. She was fine the first day, but her health quickly declined.

Unfortunately, the respiratory infection that made it impossible for Mickey to care for her babies had been passed onto the litter through her milk.

Tragically, the babies died while Mickey fought for her life.

Mickey pulled through after weeks of intense treatment and round-the-clock care, but she was heart-sick for her babies.

But then, something incredible happened. A box full of kittens that looked almost exactly like Mickey's babies was brought into the shelter!

Mama Mickey knew exactly what to do and she began to wash and love on those sweet little fur babies.

Sweet Mickey was made for motherhood! Isn't it amazing how the universe balances out?

Watch the video below!

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