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Mother Not Allowed To Pick Up Her Son From School Because She Walks Him

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Education is key. You've said this to your children and your parents have said it to you, yet there are some forces, whether it be parents, children, or the education system itself that make it all the more difficult for students to succeed.

Daryan Godley has gone above and beyond for her 6-year-old son to get a quality education, despite having her son's school make it difficult for her.

As the education system becomes more liable for kid's safety, many schools are enforcing rules that are raising eyebrows.

For instance, a couple of schools in Houston, Texas have started handing out identification tracking tags to students to follow their movements on school grounds. The idea here is that administrators will know if students go to class or not, but also it will serve as a way to protect kids if they are abducted while on school property.

The issue here is that the radio frequency tags only work within 100 feet of the building, so many parents are raising questions about how effective this will be for a student's safety and their overall education.

In an effort to ensure the safety of all their students, Harley W. Fisher Elementary in the Pasadena Independent School District is enforcing a new rule that has countless of parents like Godley fed up.

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