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Mom Puts Her Own Spin On Celebrity Photos

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How do celebrities manage to make every single moment of their lives look so photogenic?

Even when they're caught by the paparazzi, they just seem so much more glamorous and put together than us regular folks. How do they pull it off?

Kate Casey set out to answer that question. Like many of our favorite movie stars and supermodels she lives in California. Unlike them, she's a mother of 4 young kids with a relatably hectic life.

On her Instagram account, she shares hilariously down-to-earth recreations of celebrity photos that every mother can relate to.

Body suit. CHECK. Track pants. CHECK. Socks pulled over heels. CHECK. Same, right? @khloekardashian

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I also appreciate luxury motors. @mariahcarey - Same, right?

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"I'm a Slave 4 u." @britneyspears Same, right? Photo cred 📸 @fabbisfab

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