Mother Shocked When Her Daughter is Asked to Cover Up at the Pool

A mother in Montreal, Canada, has been left stunned after her six-year-old daughter was asked by a lifeguard to cover up at a public pool. Stephanie Felkai took her young daughters to an outdoor pool to try and beat this summer heat, but her experience was less than ideal. Felkai says a lifeguard approached her daughter and asked her to cover up. Her daughter was wearing her favorite pair of swim trunks when the lifeguard told her she needed to put on a top.

"At her age, she's indistinguishable from a boy. Her physique is exactly the same as a boy's. So how does anyone even know to approach her to tell her she's not wearing an appropriate bathing suit?" Felkai told CBC. She says this is the second time that specific lifeguard has asked her daughter to cover up. According to the employee, "Women are asked to cover their breasts and their genitals, and men are asked to cover their genitals." Felkai pointed out that her daughter is a girl, not a woman. When provided with a copy of the pool rules, Felkai noted there should be an age related to the rule to prevent children like her daughter from being forced into maturity too soon.

"My concern for my daughter in my situation is I don't want her to be forced to identify as girly too early. We don't need that. Just let them be."  

The pool's spokesman, Daniel Bussières said bathing suits are required for everyone at the pool. He includes that for women this means wearing tops.

What do you think? Was this lifeguard out of line? Or should Felkai have made her daughter but on a swim top?

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