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Mother Uses Car Dealership Bathroom, Three Minutes, Later She's Shocked By What Falls Into The Toilet

When Amanda Sherman dropped her car off at the local dealership for an oil change, she really, really had to go to the bathroom.

The morning visit was made just days before the heavily pregnant mother's due date. She left the car and her husband for a quick bathroom break, sensing nothing but the need to pee.

But, three minutes later, she was looking into the toilet at a 19 1/2-inch newborn baby girl.

"I went to pee and then, I don't know, I was all of a sudden holding her," Sherman told the Tribune-Review.

The 24-year-old mother of two had no sense that she was about go into labor - felt no contractions or pain. When Amanda called out for help, a woman, who happened to be a registered nurse, burst into the bathroom.

Not long after, an ambulance had whisked Amanda and the new baby away to the hospital. Her husband, Adam, joined her later with their 14-month-old son, A.J.  

The healthy baby girl was named Heather Lynn and she weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces. She is the second girl for Amanda, who also has a 5-year-old daughter named Emma Rose.

Thankfully, mom and baby are doing just fine. They were discharged earlier this week and have returned home.

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