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Mr. Rogers Helps Someone Through a Dark Time and We Can't Stop Crying

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Mr. Rogers is one of our fondest memories of our childhood. From his wonderful world of make believe to the heart warming songs, we all looked forward to turning on the TV when we knew his program was on.

We all know about the fun facts like all of his sweaters being made by his mom and that he is the big reason for getting funding for PBS, but did you know that he made an impact in people's lives off screen?

One man shares a story about how Mr. Rogers helped him through a dark time in his life, and now we can't stop crying.


"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers,'" the children's television show host famously once said in an interview."'You will always find people who are helping.'"

This quote often comes to mention in times of tragedy and Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican brought it to light once again following the attack in Manchester.

That's when he decided to share a personal story of how Mr. Rogers became one of those "helpers" when he needed him the most.

Skilled Up

"Fred Rogers was from Pittsburgh, my hometown, and my generation grew up loving this man, who taught us to be kind above all," he wrote on Twitter. "Fred Rogers was the real thing. That gentle soul? It was no act."

Growing up in Pittsburgh, where Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was based, Breznican loved watching the show.

"As I got older, I lost touch with the show, which kept running through 2001. But in college, one day, I rediscovered it," he tweeted. "I was having a hard time. The future seemed dark. I was struggling, lonely, dealing with a lot of broken pieces and not adjusting well."

In 1997, during his junior year at the University of Pittsburgh he heard the show playing in his dorm's common room.

"I went to Pitt and devoted everything I had to the school paper, hoping that would propel me into some kind of worthwhile future," he tweeted. "It was easy to feel hopeless. One span was especially bad. Walking out of the dorm, I heard familiar music: Won't you be my neighbor."

He stopped to watch a minute or two but ended up watching the whole episode instead.

"The TV was playing in an empty common room. Mr. Rogers as there, asking me what I do with the mad I feel. (I had lots to spare. still do)," he tweeted. "It feels silly to say - it felt silly then - but I stood mesmerized. His show felt like a cool hand on a hot head. I left feeling better."

He remembers not even sitting down to watch the show. As he was watching he realized that even as an adult he could relate to what Mr. Rogers was saying on the program.

About a week later, Breznican got a huge surprise when he stepped into an elevator.

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