Need A Buddy For That Road Trip? These Talking Mini Robots Will Keep You Company!

Have you ever wanted a little company while you drove? Well, Toyota has the solution for you. The Kirobo Mini is a mug-sized robot that the company developed to converse with humans. The original Kirobo was a bit bigger, (the size of a chihuahua) and was the first android to converse with an astronaut in space. This 4 inch version will go on sale next year in Japan for 39, 800 yen ($400).

The robot can carry on simple conversations and respond to emotions, giving people someone to talk to while they drive. The company wants to help with the issue of social isolation and the phenomenon they call "hikikomori" which is when people refuse to leave the home and would rather stay in their rooms and play video games.

The little robot can fit inside the cup holder and will help keep drivers awake by having something to talk to.

What do you think? Will you be getting yourself a little car buddy?

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