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My Oh My, How These Cubs Have Grown!

Twin pandas born at the the Atlanta zoo, to mother, Lun Lun are growing like weeds!

These adorable, fuzzy babies are already teething and learning to play. They were born just four months ago, but zoo keepers are amazed by their lightening speed growth.

On their 100th day of life, the twins will be named based on public vote. This follows an ancient Chinese tradition that says when a child reaches the 100th day of live, they have survived the fragility of infancy and are strong enough for future success.

For now,  they are still only known as Cub A and Cub B. They may not have names, but they certainly do have personalities!

Cub A is more spunky and interested in playing with her mother, whereas Cub B is much more laid-back and all about the snuggling. Cub B's the one with the new teeth - just in time for Christmas!

Watch this adorable video of these two cuddly panda babies as they squeak and squirm!

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