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Mystery Woman Makes Big Mistake When Reaching For Hair Mousse

A mystery woman, believed to be from Eastern Europe, appeared at a hospital after neglecting to read the label on the cans in her bathroom.

Someone snapped a photo of the woman sitting in the emergency after she mistook builder's foam for her hair mousse. Yikes.

There's some twigs and leaves also stuck in the mess on her head. So it's entirely possible there's another explanation for her head of foam. But the most likely thing is just a case of (rightfully) assuming she wouldn't be picking up a can of builder's foam in her bathroom.

There's no word on the woman's identity, or even what happened to her. Our assumption is she had to shave her head. What other choice would she have?

The photo has gone viral, with people feeling sorry for the poor woman and hoping she's okay. I guess if she was looking for mousse, then technically the foam is doing its job. That hair isn't moving any time soon.

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