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Nancy Kerrigan Goes Public With Her 'Devastating' Health Struggles

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We all know what happened in 1994. Nancy Kerrigan, Olympic figure skater, was attacked by her competitor Tonya Harding's then-husband. She had her knee smashed by a metal pipe in an attempt to keep her out of the competition. Kerrigan ultimately won a silver medal that year, while Harding was banned from Olympics all together.

So when Dancing With The Stars asked Kerrigan to pick her "most memorable year," many assumed it would be then.

But Kerrigan stunned everyone when she chose the year after, and the reason why is heart-breaking.

Tonya Harding (left) and Nancy Kerrigan (right)USA Today

The two-time Olympic champion chose to reflect on the year she and her husband tried to get pregnant with their second child. Kerrigan was so excited, but ultimately she lost the baby in a miscarriage.

"It makes you feel like a failure," she tearfully said.

Kerrigan and her husband tried again, and after the three-month mark she felt confident enough to tell her family.

Sadly, she miscarried that baby as well.

"It was crazy hard to tell him," Kerrigan told Boudreau, recalling breaking the bad news to her son Matthew after she miscarried. "He was so excited he was gonna have a brother or sister — and say that's not going to happen and try to explain to a little kid why."

Nancy Kerrigan and her son, Matthew

But it was the coming years that brought even more struggle for the family.

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