This Nanny Dog Teaches Orphaned Baby Cheetahs How To Play

Orphaned babies need a little extra animal love and attention, especially at the Zoo. When zookeepers realized that their mother would not survive the birth, 5 baby cheetah cubs were put into the care of Bailey the dog.

Baily is a gentle rescue dog and resident nursery companion at the Cincinnati Zoo. His experience raising cheetahs, wallabies and ocelots made him the perfect mommy stand-in for the new babies.

When they were just a few weeks old, Bailey's job was to let the babies climb on him to build up their strength and massage their digestive systems. As they grow, Bailey will teach them how to climb, play and the limitations of roughhousing. After about 12 weeks, the cubs "graduate"  to hand-raised care with human cheetah ambassadors."

Nannying these playful cats is tiring work, so when Bailey gets a break he takes full advantage of "his" office and has a well deserved rest. We tip our hats to you Bailey, you're a good dog! Check out these adorable pictures and video of the incredible Bailey below - don't forget to Like and Share!

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