Natalee Holloway's Father Says He May Have Found Her Body

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Senior year is supposed to be one of the most exciting chapters of a person's life, but this wasn't the case for Mountain Brook High School student Natalee Holloway.

In May 2005, the 18-year-old Alabama resident was on a senior class trip to Aruba when she suddenly vanished and never to be found.

Over the last 12 years, her parents Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway have lived through pain, glimmers of hope and multiple arrests while attempting to solve the mystery behind their daughter's disappearance.

The first major breakthrough in Natalee's haunting case took place just weeks after she went missing. Authorities revealed that there were at least 3 people who may have last seen Natalee alive: Joran van der Sloot, Satish and Deepak Kock.

Joran, the main suspect in the case never got to face trial and is notorious for constantly changing up his accounts of the fateful day. Shortly after the young girl's disappearance, Joran's father Paul, was also arrested in connection to the murder only to be released 3 days later.

Natalee's mom is convinced Paul and Joran know more than they've been letting on and it is devastating that no progress has been made despite having multiple suspects.

“I was just devastated,” Beth told People back in 2005. “All the trust was just ripped out of me, just like Natalee was ripped out of her life.”

Natalee and Beth

Beth believes that Natalee either died accidentally from a date-rape drug or was kidnapped and transported off the island, but since Aruba has a closed-door judicial system in place, authorities wouldn't share too many details with her at the time.

Dave Holloway thinks he has a promising new lead that might help answer many questions people have.

Now, with the help of a private investigator, Dave thinks he may have found his missing girl.

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