Navy Veteran's Business Saved by Pokemon Go

A lot of people have a bone to pick with Pokemon Go, whether it be players who feel the game is unfair, or non-players who are tired of hearing about the game. But Gary Dear in Anacortes, Washington could not be more excited about it. Dear owns Mad Hatter's Ice Cream, which has been struggling since it opened. Sales have always struggled, and just recently the ice cream parlor had to close up shop due to an illness stemming from Dear's time in the Navy. However, two weeks after re-opening, business is booming. This is all in thanks to Pokemon Go and the depot across the street. In the game, players must hit up "Pokestops" to collect supplies needed to continue playing. Apparently the neighborhood Mad Hatter's is located in is loaded with them. And since players can often be out for hours enjoying the game, it's not unlikely they'll want to stop for ice cream.

Dear says his sales of tripled on some nights and he's even had to extend the hours and hire a few more employees. It's a feel good story for a Navy veteran who is just trying to make a living. The community around him is loving it, as well! Rick Miller, a local resident who plays Pokemon Go with his daughter, says, "It was a shame to see him close up shop. We're glad he's back."

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