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NBA Team Surprises War Veteran With A Therapy Dog

The atmosphere at Madison Square Garden sky-rocketed as fans recognized  United States Army Retired Sergeant First Class Luciano Yulfo. Sgt. Yulfo served in the military for 36 years. He was injured in 2014 while on duty in Afghanistan.

Yulfo retired this past April and has been waiting 18 months for a service dog. He's been on a wait-list, but he didn't have to be anymore after the night was over.

At the Knicks game in New York, Sgt Yulfo was surprised with a service dog of his own, named Murphy. Thanks to Paws Of War, Luciano Yulfo now has a furever friend and companion.

Watch as the NBA surprised Yulfo with his new pup. Both dog and human seem pretty excited about the whole thing!

We want to thank Sgt Luciano Yulfo and all other active and past members of the military. Thank you for keeping our country safe!

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