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Neighbors Laughed At Lonely Old Man's Plan, Now They Visit His Home Every Day

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It's pretty unusual to see young children excited about visiting their elderly neighbor, but that's just what happens on Keith Davidson's street.

At 94, the retired judge's home has become the go-to place for local kids on hot summer days, and that's exactly how he planned it. A few months ago Davidson announced he was building a neighborhood pool in his backyard.

He says that most of his neighbors laughed at him, or seemed skeptical, but just like in Field of Dreams, Davidson knew that "if you build it, they will come." And local kids have flocked to his house by the dozens since the pool opened in July.

Davidson's pool is an impressive 32 feet long and 9 feet deep, with a diving pool and a shallow side for younger kids. To make sure his guests are safe, Davidson requires a parent or grandparent to supervise every child.

Now, local parents say they've been visiting the pool "every day" with their kids, and Davidson can often be seen smiling poolside while the kids have fun.

But what inspired him to build this swimming pool? It turns out he had a heartbreaking reason.

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