Netflix Drops a Subtle Hint of a Potential Guest Star in Gilmore Girls

Both Rory and Lorelai had a few good men in their lives, and all the fans have their favorites. It has already been confirmed by the show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino that Rory's three main love interests would be making an appearance in the revival that is due to hit in November. Lorelai's loves are often thought to be just between Scott Patterson's flannel-clad diner owner Luke Danes, and Rory's father Christopher played by David Sutcliffe. But everybody seems to forget a very important man from Lorelai's life, her first fiance, Max Medina.

Max proposed to Lorelai technically twice, the first time in the middle of a fight but then does it properly (according to Lorelai) with one thousand yellow daisies covering her workplace.

Even though their wedding never happened, he still had feelings for her years later when they ran into each other years later. None of these things would be much of a story if it wasn't for Netflix hadn't have done this:

The top shelf is all of Rory's boyfriends, and then the bottom has Lorelai's. The expected Team Luke and Team Christopher, but also the poor forgotten professor Medina is included. When the show creator says that she couldn't figure out how to work in a character, should we take that at face value or should we take this as a hint? Maybe Netflix just went with him to make the numbers even, but it just seems like it could mean more. Or maybe they are using the mugs as secret messages for all of them. They are all different: you can see Logan's is Yale colors, Luke's is a similar shape to the cups from the diner and Jess' is all broken. Are those little yellow flowers on Max's cup? Are the Netflix people trying to kill us?

Every single piece of information they release causes fans to frantically analyze everything about it. They once posted a picture that had an apple in it and everyone assumed Lorelai must be pregnant because her eating healthy was a plot point in the later seasons when she thought she was pregnant.

You can't really blame the fans for getting excited, they have been waiting for this for years. Especially since the last season wasn't written by the creator and she has been teasing us with the "last four words" she had always planned for the series. We will have to patiently wait until November, but while we wait we can speculate wildly.

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