New Bus Tour In London Shows Dogs The Sights

This week the pet insurance company More Th>n started offering a special tour of London for dogs (and their owners, if they want to come too) to see the city's famous landmarks.

The doggy-proofed double-decker bus travels around the city so the pooches get a good view of all the sights. But this isn't just a regular tour that lets on dogs, the tour's organizers went all out making it as interesting and fun as possible for both the dogs and their owners.

The tour guide shares facts about all of the city's dog-related locations,from the city's dog cemetery to Buckingham Palace (where the Queen's corgis live) to the Houses of Parliament, where guests learn about famous Prime Minister's dogs throughout history.  

Even the breaks on the tour are perfect for dog lovers. Your pet can stretch their legs on the Kensington Palace lawn and Hyde Park, and everyone gets a pamphlet with a list of dog friendly pubs and restaurants in the city.

That's a lot to pack into a 90 minute tour, but dogs have short attention spans so that's probably just the right length.

If you're hoping to catch this tour yourself, unfortunately you're too late. It was only really a publicity stunt for the company's new pet product delivery service, but maybe if enough people ask for it one of the tour bus companies will start their own dog themed trips.

Dog people are dog people wherever they go after all, and part of the fun of taking your pet on vacation is taking them everywhere you go.

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