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New JFK Files Reveal Hitler May Have Been Alive In The 50s

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In 1992, the nation was riddled with conspiracy theories and rumors about President John F. Kennedy's death. To ensure that the public will eventually have their questions answered, the president at the time, George H.W. Bush, signed a law which required all information about the Kennedy assassination to be released by October 26, 2017.


Since then, around 99% of the files have been available to the public, but there were some important classified documents that never saw the light of day - until recently.

Last month, President Trump gave his permission to have the remaining files be opened and they became available shortly after.


It has been a few weeks and the documents haven't really cleared up the questions about the 35th president's untimely death, but they have revealed something else that is equally as brow-raising.

It appears that the CIA was investigating whether or not Adolf Hitler was alive after receiving some credible tips.

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