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New Law Could See Parents Thrown In Jail If Their Child Is A Bully

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St Lucia

Just about anyone who's ever been to school in their lifetime has almost definitely had experience with a bully before; I sure did throughout much of my childhood.


Bullying is a very serious issue in both elementary and high schools, and has only continued to be so into the modern era. While kids used to "just" have to worry about being beaten up or made fun of while at school (which was traumatic enough as it was), now the bullying continues even once they've gotten home thanks to things like social media and texting.


It's an issue that can have very serious repercussions, as we've seen plenty of times that bullying has resulted in young kids and teenagers causing harm to themselves to escape it all, sometimes fatally.


Of course, there's often other sides to this issue as well. Oftentimes, bullies come from households that are less than ideal, and they end up lashing out at others in order to deal with their own pain. Even when this isn't the case, bullies can be made to feel like they can get away with anything if their parents constantly fail to do anything to discipline them.


Well, the town of North Tanowanda, NY, has just instituted a law that they hope will make parents more accountable for the actions of their children; a law that can even carry jail time with it.

The details of this law are pretty interesting...

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