New Law Gives Support To Fast Food Workers

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It used to be fast food jobs were just something you did in high school to pass the time. It's been a running joke that if you don't finish school, you'll end up "just flipping burgers." But the sad reality is that fast food jobs are becoming more and more common as career-positions for some people. Whether it's because of a lack of education or because of the bad job market, families are relying on minimum wage positions to get by.

One of the major problems with fast food positions is the instability of it all. Unless you're guaranteed full-time work, your hours can change from week to week at a moment's notice.

"Every week you're guessing how much money you're going to get and how many days you're going to work," said Flavia Cabral, who has been working part-time at McDonald's for four years as one of two jobs to support her family.

Recently, Cabral walked in to her 6 p.m. shift at McDonald's only to receive a text message from her boss, saying her shift was cancelled due to slow business. On average, Cabral earns $350 (before taxes) from both her jobs, and losing this shift cost her $63.

Though an entire shift cancellation doesn't happen often, cut hours or changed shifts last minute are all too common in the fast food industry. However, a new law that has been passed in New York City is set to help fast food workers gain some stability in their jobs.

Continue reading to find out what the law entails.

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