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New Zealand Firefighters Honor Their Fallen American Comrades In This Powerful Tribute

On September 11, 2001, 343 New York City Firefighters perished in the terror attacks. They gave their lives in the service of their country, their city and their fellow New Yorkers.

It was a tragedy not only felt by Americans, but by firefighters as far away as New Zealand. On Sunday, Americans honored their fallen first responders and the victims of an act of terrorism that changed the world. Almost 9,000 miles away, 160 New Zealand firefighters performed a powerfully emotional Haka to honor their fallen American brothers.

The Haka is an intense, traditional war dance performed by the Maori in honor of a person or to express collective emotion. They performed this powerful tribute at the annual Memorial Firefighter Stair Climb, held at the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.

This dance displays the tribe's strength, pride and unity. Watch this amazing tribute to their brothers of the firefighter tribe:

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